Premium Tech Publishers. Strong User Intent. High Conversion Rates.

Sourcengo for Advertisers

In-Depth Targeting Features

Take your targeting strategy to the next level and filter your brand audience based on criteria like the geographic location, time targeting, and more.

Performance-Based Payments

Benefit from the lowest CPC rates on your advertising campaigns and generate pertinent sales, leads and clicks at the lowest costs possible.

Smart Tech Marketplace

Be part of a smart and private marketplace where tech publishers and advertisers easily connect to each other and use the latest advertising, tracking and reporting tools to grant an unparalleled online brand exposure.

Reliable Anti-Fraud System

The robust anti-fraud system we use guarantees that all your payments are on real clicks and sales. We do our best to prevent any suspicious activities or misleading payments.

Cutting Edge Analytics

Access a self-serve control panel to manage efficiently data resulting from your advertising campaigns and other prevailing analytics available to grant you maximum sales margins.

High Quality Traffic

The carefully selected Tech sites will make sure you get a safe environment for your brand and gain higher conversion rates from business and tech-oriented audiences.

Boost your Brand Awareness

Gain further exposure and make your software available to tech enthusiast all around the world. We’ll make sure you get high-quality leads and increase your revenue at the best return on investment.

Follow-up By Experienced Staff

We greatly value our partners and position customer service as a priority. Our team is always ready to provide insightful tips and strategies to maintain your advertising campaigns’ performance up to your expectations.

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